Entity Decorator module released : beautifully decorate your entities .

Over on the Full Fat Things blog we just published the entity decorator module which we think significantly improves the developer experience for dealing with entities. Entity decorator

From that blog post....


Tired of typing code with deep nested arrays like this to work with your fields?

$item_id = $node->{$this->field_name}[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'];

Of course you are, so you use the Entity API.

Steve Parks (of Pilot Internet) on my presentation at DrupalVolCon

Today I noticed that Steve Parks of Pilot Internet had blogged my live demo of moving from Drupal to Pressflow at DrupalVolCon 2010 at Google London

Here it is http://pilotinternet.com/node/114

In the presentation I got Drupal/ Pressflow serving 2905 requests a second happily running in a Linux VM running on a standard MacBook Pro

What is stopping Varnish and Drupal Pressflow from caching anonymous users page views.

Every so often with Pressflow and Varnish you might find that your anonymous users aren't being cached via Varnish.

A quick way to see whether your anonymous pages are being served is to add some debugging headers to Varnish by adding some code like the snippet here to vcl_deliver()

sub vcl_deliver {
if (obj.hits > 0) {
set resp.http.X-Varnish-Cache = "HIT";
else {
set resp.http.X-Varnish-Cache = "MISS";

and hit them with

curl -I http://yoururl.com

Lullabot drupal voices (Me edition)

I was reminded today of a Lullabot podcast where I was interviewed last year in Paris at Drupalcon.

Stew Robinson on continuous integration and deployment on Economist.com

Xdebug on Mac OS X Snow Leopard for use with MacGDBp

If like me you use MacGDBp to debug your Drupal code then since upgrading to Snow Leopard your variable inspector window will basically show unitialized for all variables.

This is fixed in a beta for xdebug Xdebug 2.1.0beta3. I've compiled it as I couldn't find a compiled version on the net and it is here for you to download. xdebug.so (2.1.0beta3)

Spotify search engine

I just had a play around and built a trivial Spotify album search engine.

A Spotify album search engine

I built it because I said yesterday I would build a site in one day. This was pretty easy. Although it is a bit pants that it only searches albums. I should do more. I can do more. I might do more.

Edit: The spotify API changed slightly since I did this and I've noticed a few Notices coming through. I should clean this up a little more soon. Too busy with Full Fat Things and GeoSay right now

Economist.com module list

At Economist.com we are building a decent sized Drupal site. I thought I'd do a dump of the modules we have so far using drush.

stew@stewbuntu:/var/www/sprint/drupal$ ../../drush/drush statusmodules
Name Enabled/Disabled Description
Acquia agent (acquia_agent) Enabled Allows Drupal to securely communicate with the Acquia Ne ...

In support of adding hook_page_not_found() to Drupal 7

I want to try and get a hook_page_not_found() to Drupal 7.

I've taken this snippet from http://drupal.org/node/444756

I have only just started this but I wanted to post for opinion. In IRC I was pushed towards using hook_page_alter() instead of defining a new hook. However hook_page_alter() runs after the 404 header has been sent. I don't expect the code as is to get in. Largely I am posting this as a start because I work on large sites (Economist.com) and I don't want to have to use nfs to share the files directory as it adds another single point of failure in the stack.

Easy drupal core hacking

I have found myself attempting to contribute to Drupal core more and more lately. So I wrote a shell script that gets me a fresh copy of head and applies a patch to it.

Essentially I will be looking through a Drupal issue, such as http://drupal.org/node/229778 and I'll want to add to a patch on there. I simply grab the URL of the patch file and run my gethead.sh

./gethead.sh http://drupal.org/files/issues/229778-log-changes-to-offline-mode.patch

Two mini Drupal projects

I am working on two mini Drupal projects.  One allows you to comment on drupal articles (nodes) via XMPP (Gtalk), the main problem here is presenting an interface through IM that will reliably allow the user to know which article they are commenting on. 

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